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Queen of the Gnomes
25 July 2027 @ 07:15 pm
Friending policy...Please comment to be added. If you don't comment, I will not even consider friending you back! I am looking for friends, not numbers 

Queen of the Gnomes
24 July 2010 @ 09:11 pm
Most of you know, I am big on comments. I don't feel anybody needs to comment on every single post I ever make (I don't comment on every post I read!) but I like some comments at least once in awhile to know you are out there and reading.

I realized recently that I have several people on my flist who have NEVER commented on my LJ. In some cases, they don't even respond when I leave a comment in their journal. So why really are we friends?

So I am doing a friends cut of a few people who really don't seem to want to be here. No harm no foul....I wish you all the very best.

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Queen of the Gnomes
I have met many a wonderful human over the internet. Many of who are no longer "online" friends to me, but simply "friends" whether I have met them in real life or not.

Very few have taken over a large portion of my heart like the lovely and beautiful amyplachta. I loved her since I met her on LJ and then last May I was lucky enough to meet her face to face and I love her even more!!!! She is wonderful and beautiful and amazing and a dear, sweet person. I am lucky to know her.

In addition to be wonderful, she is SUPER TALENTED!!!!!!!!! The voice on this girl is AMAZING!!!! She did this wonderful cover of "Blank Generation" that sent chills down my spine.

PLEASE give it a listen. Her name is AMY PLACHTA Remember this name as you will see it everywhere in a few years and you can say you heard her when.

I give you AMY PLACHTA singing Blank Generation:

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Queen of the Gnomes
As most of you know, I enjoy having people on my friends list who I actually get to know. I like to see comments. I don't expect everybody (or anybody) to comment on every post I make. Of course not....I don't comment on every post in anybody's journal. But I like to know you are out there, reading, trying to get to know me. I like a small, intimate f-list and it is just getting a bit to big for me right now.

As always, feel free to defriend if you feel the same way...no hard feelings (well with some of you I would cry hysterically, but you know who you are and I don't think you are going anywhere!!)

And also as always, I wish each and every one of only the very best!

Cheers and ♥
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Queen of the Gnomes
So the trailer for Moustachette finally came out yesterday. Woot! Woot!

For those of you who don't know, Moustachette is the short film written and directed by Patrick Stump. I have been working hard (I think) in trying to get this movie seen at film festivals and apparently there is some sort of possibility it is going to premiere at NXNE..which is in Toronto and is the festival I have worked the hardest to get it at (partially for selfish reasons because that is one I can actually go to and I want to see the movie!!) So that would be really cool.....

Anyway, here is the trailer. Pass it around. The more people who get the word out..the more likely it is the movie will play at festivals!

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Queen of the Gnomes
16 March 2009 @ 03:31 pm
Yeah, it is that time again.

I like to keep my friends list fairly small and manageable. I also like to have people on my friends list who actually comment in my LJ. You don't have to comment all the time, and there are expections to the rule, but for the most part I like to hear from you once in a while, just so that I know you are out there, you are reading and you are getting at least something out of having me on your f-list.

Any day is defriending amnesty day here...you are always free to do what works best for you...but yeah, if we have drifted apart, by all means...defriend.

Nobody is being defriended because we have had a falling out. It is all just drifting apart or we never clicked or what have you. I wish every single one of you all the best wishes and luck in the world!!