Don't forget your shovel......

You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be......

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My friending policy: I am looking for friends, not numbers. If we have some interests in common and you are going to read my journal and comment with some sort of regularity, then please add me. But comment first! No comment, no add!

If you don't know the difference between disagreeing with my opinion and disrespecting it, we probably aren't going to be a very good match.


Jeremy Hilary Boob

An old (or getting old too quickly) single Mom with a young at heart outlook on life! I act more like a 21 year old than I did when I was 21. I have been a fangirl since long before they were even called that. Music is a huge part of my life.

I am insanely and incredibly proud to be Canadian!

I'm also very nostalgic. I think the 80's were a wonderful decade. I love talking about the past...my own, the world's...music's...tv's...

I don't like to be judged here. I might make spelling mistakes. Or grammar mistakes. Etc Etc. I am not writing some great novel. I am just posting my thoughts and feelings. Warts and all....

I find it hard to describe myself. I have issues, don't we all, but I try to not let them define me. Sometimes that is easy, sometimes hard, sometimes impossible! I am still a pretty nice, funny, down to earth chick.

I am 42 years old (how did that happen?). That makes me too young to love the Beach Boys and too old to love Fall Out Boy. I absolutely adore both. Age has nothing to do with music. It has very little to do with anything actually. I am who I am, I like what I like. My age does not define me.

On any given day you can hear me blaring The Beach Boys, The Police, Age of Electric, Stevie Nicks, Nat King Cole,The Gaslight Anthem, Jane's Addiction, Kevin Rudolf, Cage the Elephant, MGMT, Econoline Crush, Biffy Clyro, Adam Ant, Eskimo Joe, Marian Call, Abba, Alice in Chains, Def Leppard, David Bowie, Crash Karma, Zuckerbaby, Tegan and Sara, Prince, The Platters, Cobra Starship, A Day to Remember, Patrick Stump, Limblifter, Matthew Good Band, Billy Joel, The Damned Things, Stone Temple Pilots or Fall Out Boy....just to name a few.

I still feel that God Only Knows by the Beach Boys is the most beautiful song ever written.

Synchronicity by The Police is the soundtrack that plays in my brain.

I have worn out more copies of Pyromania and Hysteria than I care to admit to.

If you have never driven with the windows open blaring "Angry Chair", then go do it right now.

Patrick Stump is God.

We ARE better butterflies.

I read the classics but love Stephen King too. Everybody should read "Summer Doctor" by Charles Knickerbocker. Just because.... And "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. It will remind you to believe the unbelievable...it's often a lot more beautiful.

The greatest beauty on earth is the sun setting over the ocean when you are standing on the beach in Nova Scotia.

I love silly animated movies for kids as much as a good psychological thriller. I still cry every time I see White Fang or Eight Below.

I am a die hard, forever fan of my beloved Philadelphia Flyers. I always seem to have to defend that. I don't know why. I love them and I always will.

My daughter is my biggest joy.
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phony people,drama queens, drivers who don't signal when turning, shoes and socks, people who do mean things out of jealousy, snapping turtles, harvard beets, haters, homophobes, straws and ice in drinks, people who make up lies to make somebody look bad and themselves look good, anyone who would ever do anything to harm an animal, people who state their opinions as fact,*anything*phobes, dating shows, last call, stupidity, judgemental human beings,Pathological liars, the asshat, anybody who thinks because I am old, I am *dead*

"You gotta stop putting your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be" Eat, Pray Love. Elizabeth Gilbert

"If heaven's for clean people....it's vacant." Matthew Good Band

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist."
The Usual Suspects

"Doesn't anybody wanna take another shot at me? Go ahead, the gun is loaded and the bullets are for free" Stabilo Boss

"And they could float above the grass, in circles if they tried. A latent power I know they hide" The Shins

"No rhyme no reason no fame no gold
Could make you change your mind, your heart, your soul" Tom Cochrane

"The impossible cannot have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances" Murder On The Orient Express, Agatha Christie

If you want to know more about me...ASK!!!!!!! I don't bite....unless requested.

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by fortheloveofpie

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